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US Economy Recession: Sleepy Joe Goes Back to Bed

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Sleepy Joe Biden does not know or care about what is happening right now. He just wants to go back to bed.

Sleepy Joe does not understand things like economics or complicated concepts like that. He is just a person who wants to sleep, he is old and tired of it all. He is also tired of being a part of Obama’s third term in office. Who can blame sleepy Joe, as the Dow Jones drops another 600 points daily — that kind of thing is least from his frazzled empty mind.

biden cryptoSleepy Joe has very basic thoughts these days, and they extend to reading his teleprompter or written speeches. Sometimes he does not know what the words mean he is told to say, but poor Joe says them anyway because all he’s thinking of is having a nice cup of warm soup, sitting in his favourite chair and staring into thin air for hours on end. This is a comfort for Sleepy Joe as every day his old bones ache, and his mind is just empty.

Sometimes Joe tries to remember where he is and how he got there, but like everything else it is all blank, and to some extent he feels comfort in not remembering. It is better to just forget everything and let it be, just like the people in Gaza dying from starvation and the slaughtered Jews, these are things better forgotten.

biden nap

The Nasdaq just fell another 1,000 points, never mind, it is best to stare into thin air and drool on to the carpet. Sometimes Joe has flashes of events in his depleted mind, images of showers he had with some young girl, who was it? There ain’t much joy in Sleepy Joe’s life anymore but that’s okay, he just doesn’t care anymore, and that’s why the global economy is being ruined right now because Joe simply does not give a flying fuck.

There is no need to feel sorry for Joe, he has lived a long and sinful life and done things some people would be surprised at but oh shit, what were those things Joe did, he cannot remember, they are simply blank memories, the dendrites all depleted his brain tissue resembles the crumbled city of Gaza.

Would this all have happened under Trump? Probably not, but all is forgiven because the socialists know best and everything is okay, there is nothing to see here folks, nothing at all. Go back to bed, forget about everything.

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