Obama: “U.S. Can Pay Debt By Borrowing More”

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Barack Obama says that he got his idea while reading a book about former unelected prime minister Gordon Brown.

“We just need to keep raising the debt ceiling until the next time and then I’ll leave a great legacy for you and your children and grandchildren,” Obama said.

When Britain’s lunatic socialist former prime minister left office in 2010 he left the UK in £7.9 trillion of debt; and when he was Chancellor in January 1999, he saw fit to sell off 60% of the UK’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market. It certainly looks like Obama is taking a page out of Brown’s book of socialist economics.

“It’s like you got a credit card but you don’t pay anything off, you just keep adding more debt. It does not matter that the U.S. has a fiat currency, sooner or later hyperinflation will rear its ugly head. One must look at the Weimar Republic to see what happened to Germany when they printed money. Soon Americans will be filling suitcases of worthless dollars to pay for a loaf of bread. Obama can carry on printing as much money as he wants it does not mean a thing to the debt apart from sealing the death of the dollar currency. The U.S government cannot fulfil its debts even on social security bills let alone servicing the interest on its massive debt, and since losing its AAA rating, don’t forget that the cost of servicing that very debt went up. I ain’t trying to scare you folks, I’m trying to put the fear of frickin’ God, Jesus, Mohammed and Krishna in you. Wake up folks, this ain’t some kind of $23 million Obama vacation, this is reality. Unless someone starts paying off some of this debt soon, we’re going down the pan, and that can be a one way ticket for America if it’s real bad,” an economist on Capitol Hill said on Friday.

One must also consider the fact that there cannot be a fully functioning one world currency/government if the U.S. dollar is still around, therefore this is why it is being systematically destroyed by Obama as he has been ordered to by his masters.