The Duality of Gove

LONDON - England - Who is Michael Gove? Does anyone really know who he is, and what he is capable of doing? Is there even an adequate answer?

Who is Michael Gove? Is he a duplicitous snake ready to stab a compatriot in the back at the slightest sign of a power struggle? Is he someone who is a fixer, who can solve any problem thrown in front of him? Who is he really?

When one wants to study Michael Gove, simply look upon a chameleon in the animal kingdom, a creature that can change its colour to blend in, to transform itself in an instant without any effort.

Where other politicians fall down, Gove adapts, he absorbs, he blends in without getting eaten by the beast of political chaos. Just as easily as slipping a six-inch knife into Boris Johnson’s kidney, Gove is now a trusted part of the Brexit Cabinet, an all encompassing go-to man who is given assignments to complete, and he completes with speed, efficiency and trust.

Having recently been stripped of his role as Brexit negotiator by Boris, handing it to Lord Frost, will this be a time of resurgent pent-up resentment building up in Gove?

Here is the thing, can anyone trust Gove in any circumstance? We know he has aspirations of prime ministership, if anyone recalls that creepy speech he gave after Cameron resigned.

So far, Boris is holding onto his position with stalwart strength, however if things get all wobbly in the future, who is to say that dear old Michael Gove may not get the call again? Certainly, this time he will be cheered on, however he will have the oily Sunak to deal with as a competitor. Possibly throw in a Raab and Patel or two and Gove will have some work to get through to pole.

Will we ever get to know who Michael Gove is? It is doubtful his wife, or closest allies even know the real man underneath the rubbery face and Kissinger glasses. One certainty should be remembered, he is ruthless, and once used to do a bit of coke…nuff said.

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