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The Duality of Gove

LONDON - England - Who is Michael Gove? Does anyone really know who he is, and what he is capable of doing? Is there even an adequate answer?

Disgraceful Coked Up Tory MPs Parade Their Illegal Drug Use

LONDON - England - Do we really want to know lurid details about Class-A illegal drug use by Tory MPs vying to be the next prime minister of Britain?

Snake Gove Getting Ready to Pounce

LONDON - England - Can you hear that hissing sound coming from the grass? It's a snake, Michael Gove to be precise, waiting for the right time to strike.

An Ode to the Deafening Silence of Gove

LONDON - England - Where art thou Gove O wielder of sharp knives and analytical articulation to forge a Brexit as was promised?

Gove Falls On His Own Sword

LONDON - England - As the Conservative contest for leadership heats up, Michael Gove is eliminated leaving Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom.

Ruthless Intelligent Michael Gove Pitches For PM Job

LONDON - England - Michael Gove has made a passionate speech pitching for the top seat of government.

Boris: “I Have Something In My Back”

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson has spectacularly crashed out of the race to become the next Conservative Prime Minister of Britain.

Think Tank: Conservative Members Should Have More Say in Leadership Contest

LONDON - England - In the run-up to the Conservative Party's upcoming leadership election, the Bow Group and Conservative Grassroots have conducted their own polling for what Conservative Party Members consider to be the candidates' ideological credentials and prospects.

Gove and Johnson: The PM Should Debate the Risks of Staying...

LONDON - England - Michael Gove and Boris Johnson have warned that the real risk in the referendum is voting to stay in the EU and have challenged the Prime Minister to debate a member of the Vote Leave team so the public can decide the facts for themselves.

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