Boris: “I Have Something In My Back”

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson has spectacularly crashed out of the race to become the next Conservative Prime Minister of Britain.


Ah, the cruelty of politics, one minute you work together, the next you stab hard in the back, the next, you work together and everything is fine..supposedly, and the circle continues once again.

No doubt, Michael Gove was egged on by his commandeering wife before he plunged the knife deep into his old pal, Boris’ back, but when it comes to becoming PM, anything goes.


Such are the brutal trials and tribulations of power play, that MPs have to have good stabbing hands and sharp knives.

One can imagine Boris Johnson reeling forwards as he utters the words ‘Et tu, Gove?’

Many Britons are now more concerned with the even scarier prospect of Jamie Oliver staying in Britain, as BoJo is out of the picture for PM.