Brexit at Risk: Remain MP Theresa May Backtracks On ECHR

LONDON - England - Remain campaigner Theresa May has already backtracked on dumping the ECHR which would have allowed Britain to deport dangerous criminals and terrorists.



The Brexit many in Britain voted for is at serious risk of ever occurring now that Theresa May, a Remain campaigner is leadership favourite after Boris Johnson was spectacularly betrayed yesterday.

Britain would not be able to deport dangerous criminals and terrorists from its shores as promised before, if Theresa May becomes the next Tory PM as she has already backtracked on dumping the restrictive European Court of Human Rights.

Brexit is now at a stalemate level, and could even be fizzled out completely because Tony Blair wants to be the ‘statesman’ who wants to conduct talks with Brussels. If this terrible scenario were ever to happen, Britain would be stitched up forever, as Blair is a blatant europhile and does not believe in Britain.

Michael Gove, is unfortunately under the control¬†of Osborne and Cameron as has been recently revealed by sources within the inner circle. He could be a plant and is controlled by Osborne’s lieutenants.

We are now witnessing the end of a very short period where the players have been revealed to be more interested in the job of PM, than Britain’s Brexit, and once they gain power they will water down Brexit to very low levels or simply renege on the whole thing all together.

Britain may never leave the EU, and there are probably sighs of relief being heard across the Channel and in Scotland.

Brexit may now never happen and the idea of a safe Britain is lost.

What does Nigel Farage think about that? Unfortunately it does not matter, as he has no power to do anything about it.