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Gove Falls On His Own Sword

LONDON - England - As the Conservative contest for leadership heats up, Michael Gove is eliminated leaving Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom.



Gove’s major mistake was the calculated front stage assassination of Boris Johnson which was deemed brutally ruthless even for Conservative standards of cruelty. For a start, if you’re going to take someone out, you need to do it without others knowing you were responsible, and although the Boris Johnson hit had the fingerprints of Osborne all over the knife, we only saw Gove digging the dagger in.

There are also elements of class involved within the murderous fight to the top, where Johnson’s Eton class is deemed above that of Gove, it is seen as inconceivable to have him brought down by the lower Gove. This naturally did not play well in the scheme of things.

Michael Gove will most probably have ample time to think during his summer holiday with his friend George Osborne and their respective families.

We are now stuck with a Theresa May candidate who will probably not trigger Article 50 and is a Remainer, and Andrea Leadsom, who we know very little about apart from her soft stance towards a Brexit that may never actually happen and a dubious CV.

The dangers of referenda is that they are at risk of events that occur after they happen. We have seen numerous times where referendums in Europe have been overturned or derailed by the political class, and as soon as Cameron resigned he calculated there would be upheaval thus resulting in an opportunity to ruin the EU referendum result and halt a Brexit.

As far as we can see, there will not be a Brexit anytime soon, simply for the reason that there are no candidates who will exercise it. If by some off chance there is a Brexit, it will be a watered down affair where there will be an increase in migration and ties to the EU regulatory laws will not be cut.

We could of course have an overt looking Brexit, with covert control from Brussels. This is the colonial model, where Imperialistic governments looked like they ceded control to a national government yet still were at the centre of governmental and economic control.

Call it a stitch up, these last few months have all been a theatrical waste of time and have achieved pretty much nothing.

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