Remain Voters Welcome in Siberia Says Putin

YAMAL - Russia - President Vladimir Putin has extended a hand of great generosity to any Remain voters from the EU Referendum who wish to leave Britain.



Russian president Vladimir Putin is offering those who voted to remain in the EU, a plot of land in the Siberian peninsula of Yamal.

Speaking from his dacha, the president said he is willing to offer the remainers sanctuary from the Britain they hate so much.

Each ex-patriot will receive a plot of land equalling 20 hectares of frozen tundra land so they cannot grow crops or tend to livestock.

“We give you a hut on your plot of land and what you do with it is your own business. You can hunt reindeer sometimes,” a Russian official revealed on Thursday.

The Yamal peninsula has many sink holes so Europhiles will have to be careful while taking those long cold walks in the permafrost landscape.

In addition to the sink holes, there are large deposits of natural methane gas which sometimes leak from the ground, so be careful lighting up those cigars.

To apply for a plot of land, all Remain voters have to do is travel to Novyy Urengoi with your bags and speak to someone about getting your free land.

Good Luck