Gove and Johnson: The PM Should Debate the Risks of Staying in the EU With Vote Leave

LONDON - England - Michael Gove and Boris Johnson have warned that the real risk in the referendum is voting to stay in the EU and have challenged the Prime Minister to debate a member of the Vote Leave team so the public can decide the facts for themselves.



In a joint statement they said:


‘The real risk for Britain in this referendum is voting to remain in the EU with a broken single currency and a rogue European Court. The safer choice is voting to leave, so we can take back control of our money, borders, security, trade and taxes.


‘If we needed a reminder of just how risky it is to remain in the EU, the European Court has today issued extraordinary judgements that undermine our ability to deal effectively with asylum.


‘We think that the public deserve the chance to hear these issues debated face-to-face between the Prime Minister and a spokesman for Vote Leave so they can judge for themselves which is the safer choice on 23 June. The Prime Minister was absolutely right to hold this vote and allow Ministers the chance to disagree with him. We hope that in the same spirit he will accept this invitation.’