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Largest Contact Tracing Scientific Study: Children in Schools are ‘Superspreaders’

LONDON - England - Children are key coronavirus superspreaders, the world's largest contact tracing study has discovered. Just 8% of cases were responsible for 60% of new Covid-19 infections.

According to some media reports, the Boris Johnson administration are planning to shut everything down apart from essential shops and schools in a foolhardy last ditch effort to halt the Covid-19 infection rate. They are however not factoring the main conduit for the spread of Covid-19 — Children and young people are the main superspreaders of the virus.

The Daily Squib warned in June that if the government re-opened schools there would be a huge increase in infections rates as children are essentially superspreaders of the Chinese Virus. We have continually warned of the danger of re-opening schools, and universities, and have included key scientific evidence that young people can carry the virus for weeks without showing any symptoms. Thus, when schools re-opened in September, the Covid-19 infection rate shot up and in October, the R0 level is increasing daily.

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Children are key coronavirus superspreaders, the world’s largest contact tracing study has discovered.

Epidemiology and transmission dynamics of COVID-19 in two Indian states

Kids and young people are key in spreading the virus, the conclusive study revealed after studying more than 500,000 people exposed to Covid-19 in the south-east Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Lead researcher Ramanan Laxminarayan, of Princeton Environmental Institute, said: “Kids are very efficient transmitters in this setting, which is something that hasn’t been firmly established in previous studies.

“We found that reported cases and deaths have been more concentrated in younger cohorts than we expected based on observations in higher-income countries.”

Researchers studied 575,071 people who were exposed to 84,965 confirmed Covid-19 cases.

The study shed light on “superspreading”, Laxminarayan said, with 8% of people responsible for 60% of new infections.

“Our study presents the largest empirical demonstration of superspreading that we are aware of in any infectious disease.

“Superspreading events are the rule rather than the exception when one is looking at the spread of Covid-19, both in India and likely in all affected places,” Laxminarayan concluded.

What we found in our study is that children were actually quite important,” says Laxminarayan.

“They were likely to get infected, particularly by young adults of the ages of 20 to 40. They were likely to transmit the disease amongst themselves.”

Worst of all, the proportion of children who are infected but don’t show any symptoms, he says, is higher than adults. So they may not even be recognized as potential carriers.

“[Many] kids are silent spreaders in the sense that they don’t manifest the disease with symptoms,” Laxminarayan says. “They happen to get infected as much as anyone else, and then they happen to spread it to other people.”

This is why the Daily Squib’s article was prescient and accurate in its assumption that Children and young people are the perfect conduit for the spread of Covid-19.

With many Western governments ignoring this valid information, it may be presumed that these governments want the Chinese virus to spread within their populations. By keeping schools open, the population of each area will eventually be whittled down, and this is the ultimate plan by certain policymakers.

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