Time Running Out to Save America From Far-Left Communists

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Time is running out for America as the November 3 election will ultimately determine if democracy prevails over communism within the country.

Antifa BLM Communists cancel culture china insurrection
ANTIFA BLM Marxist Communists supported by Democrat Party march

What happens in America always feeds through to the rest of the world, and this is why U.S. elections are so crucial. America now has two choices, that of communism, high taxes, big state, increased censorship, corruption, authoritarianism and poverty or that of democracy, low taxes, freedom, less censorship and wealth.

Kamala Harris Soviet Communist Cuban Poster
Kamala Harris Communist Takeover

In the last decade the formerly liberal Democrat party has moved so far left it now resembles something staunchly Soviet. Much of America’s youth have been indoctrinated in educational establishments with pure forms of Marxism for the past decades, and many are so far indoctrinated with communist ideology that there is no turning these automatons into aficionados of democracy.

Communist Marxist ideology also seems to have infected many American corporate entities, who are invoking their Woke Marxism upon millions of people daily with their ad campaigns. It is strange that Marxism has somehow become a battle cry for some brands, who prefer to outrage their former customers with even more Woke Cultural Marxism than ever before. Do the board members of these conglomerates not realise that they are alienating vast swathes of their customers by embracing and expressing their love of communist soviet ideology?

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― Anonymous

Suffice to say, much of the media in America is staunchly leftist, but they are moving even more left than usual, and utilise their great power within the industry to promote their soviet agenda ad infinitum.


Naturally, if one peeks behind the curtain of the communist threat of the Democrat Party, one will invariably discover China. This communist nation has basically sunk its sickle claws into the carrion meat of America, it smells blood in the air, and its immense cash reserves can easily be used to acquire Hollywood, newspapers, Silicon Valley, TV stations, and university faculties, as well as politicians (Joe Biden etc..).

Kamala Harris BLM Marxist revolutionary

Amongst the American flag burning, statue toppling, contingent of communist agitators all financed by corrupt financiers, and Chinese Communist Party agents, rampaging in the streets of America, there is a feeling of triumph as their Democrat Party candidate, Joe Biden is paraded from one empty election rally to another. Biden has to be the most protected candidate in a skewed corrupt election campaign ever witnessed. This guy could slit someone’s throat in full view of America’s mainstream media, and no one would bat an eyelid, they would pat him on the back and look the other way. This is akin to that scene in the film American Psycho, where Patrick Bateman keeps confessing his crimes, and the protective powers that be just pat him on the back and tell him to get on with it. At that level of operation, protection of the corrupt is an imperative machination of the system in place.

Will the silent majority of Americans come to the rescue of their country, their nation, and patriotically vote for the correct candidate on November 3rd? This will be a vote for America over China, for democracy over communism, and for American patriotism over flag burning looting Marxist revolutionary wannabees.

The silent majority, wherefore art thou? Waiting in the wings somewhere to strike a decisive blow against those who wish to destroy America from the inside and sell it out to America’s enemies, we can only believe that you will save the day.

What happens in America happens elsewhere eventually, and communism throughout history has already murdered over 170 million people. If Biden and the Democrat Party wins the election, then we shall see the triumph of communism across the globe, as China will be given the go ahead to affectionately dismantle democracy and our freedoms even more than it has done already.

The election on November 3 will be for Trump, Freedom, Wealth, Law/Order, Democracy and America versus Biden, Totalitarianism, Poverty, Chaos/Riots, Communism, and China.


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