New Covid Strain: “Whole Wards of Children in Hospital”

LONDON - England - Whole wards of some hospitals are now full of children suffering from the new Covid-19 strain, which affects young people as much as adults.

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The new strain of Covid is now adversely affecting the health of children as is being witnessed at many London hospitals where there are whole wards full of kids with very low oxygen levels in their blood systems.

With Primary schools being forced to go back on Monday, and Secondary schools forced to open later, there is a good chance more children will be affected by the new strain, also leading to infection of more adults as the R0 level increases exponentially.

Only closing schools can keep Covid contained, new Imperial report warns

The perpetually confused Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson wants all Secondary schools to open on the 11th with mass covid testing. Covid testing does not solve anything, simply because you can test someone once, and five minutes later they can be infected. Once they are infected, they infect others, but it’s okay, ten minutes ago they had a clean bill of health via the covid test. Furthermore, PCR tests can be conducted on any individual multiple times coming up with differing results.

Blood on their hands

There is however a large proportion of parents who still wish to fob their kids off to school purely, so they can both work, thus using schools as a form of childcare. These selfish parents do not seem to care about the welfare of their own children and think only about making extra money, so they can buy useless things, and afford expensive holidays. If they really cared about their own children one of the parents would elect to stay at home, however greed and selfishness is all too prominent these days. Unfortunately, the government only sides with these selfish, greed-driven types of parents, and not with the other group who actually care for their own kids’ wellbeing.

The insanity of reopening schools after Christmas, will increase the infection rate and cause more death amongst the population.

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Schools have been to blame for three times more Covid outbreaks than hospitals since October 2020, official data shows LINK

The Daily Squib warned of the second wave occurring prior to the September school openings, but who the fuck are we anyway? All of our projections have now come to fruition, and it is because of the footfall of the schools, and universities that this is happening again. You reap what you sow, and the UK is now revelling in a pandemic that is completely out of control.

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