Hunter: “Pops Paid For My Crack. So What?”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - This article does not exist because Hunter Biden and his dad are protected individuals above the law.

cocaine santa hunter

People should get over the fact that Hunter Biden paid for his crack and Russian trafficked sex slave prostitutes, thankfully from money donated by his father. Who is Hunter Biden’s dad? That is protected information — Nothing to see here! Please disperse!

Biased Democrat funded fact-checkers are now working overtime at the moment to repair any damage to the Biden crime syndicate ‘reputation’ by denigrating anything posted anywhere as ‘fake news’ or even worse — ‘conspiracy theories’.

biased search results

None of this ever happened, what you read and see about Hunter Biden and “The Big Guy” are not true in any way.

Please go back to reading manufactured propaganda stories from some Democrat-run news service. Please also remember that the people mentioned in this or any article related in any way to the Biden crime family are above all laws, press scrutiny, taxation and are free to do whatever they want without any form of repercussion that would apply to any other citizen if they had committed these heinous acts.

This article does not exist.


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