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Think Tank: How Obama Killed Internet and Free Speech

BOSTON - USA - President Obama is planning to shut down free speech on the internet completely, and is about to introduce a Chinese-style ID program for everyone.

The independent think tank, Linguistic Policy Institute, based in Boston, Massachusetts, has released a paper about President Barack Obama’s fight against free speech, and his totalitarian program of soviet political correctness, controlled information, anti-privacy war on internet users.

Doctor Frank Oritz, a senior fellow of the institute outlines some of the charges against Barack Obama and his attack on freedom of speech.

“Obama’s legacy is not only one of murder through thousands of killer drones meting out death wherever they go, but one of the death of thought, free speech and ultimately — the internet.

“What Obama has done to free speech is kill it dead utilising a bias-oriented justice system and governmental control. He has effectively put the gears forward to shut down free speech on the internet, and is now planning an even more erroneous putsch that will destroy freedom of expression completely. Plans are coming into place for a Chinese style thought control program called the “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace” which will force every internet user to completely give up their privacy, be labelled, and tracked even further than is usual by the NSA.

“Through the use of nefarious underhand soviet techniques of controlling journalism, threatening loss of earnings, and employment as well as undermining news organisations, Obama has been able to skew news in his favour in North America, even threatening to bring in FCC monitors into newsrooms. The Obama control machine has also actively controlled search engines for his own agenda of totalitarian control.

“The internet used to be an amorphous bubble of free thought, but under the Stalinist policies of the Obama administration, it has been stunted, raped and had its core eviscerated.

“Is there any hope for the internet now that it is so heavily controlled? The answer is, no. Thanks to Barack Obama it is finished.”

Note from the editor: This article may not be on here much longer or the Daily Squib for that matter.  Hail..freedom of speech!

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  1. so many thing wrong with this post OK if we don’t have free speech how the hell are you posting this then?

    • Obanana is pushing Net Neutrality which will involve only websites from large corporations being seen in search results. Obummer is also pushing for increased internet taxation and removal of any website from the internet that does not say what he wants it to say. Obungo is also pushing for controled single passwords and complete loss of privacy. Do you get it now asshole or are you working for that fiend by posting your liberal cock smoker agenda on the interwebs? You low information douche bags make me sick.

    • You are a fcking disgrace to the human race. You deserve everything you get. People like you are why we are all in such a mess now. YOU should be ashamed of yourself. Shame on you.

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