Ukraine to Get Paid by U.S. to Stop Corruption

KIEV - Ukraine - Vice President, Joe Biden has vowed to pay the Ukrainian government to stop corruption and bribery.


“I am going to bribe..ahem..give you guys billions of dollars so you stop bribing and corrupting each other. This is going to be a big bribe so the little bribes stop altogether or don’t get noticed so much,” Joe Biden said as he handed a Ukraine official a brown envelope.

The unofficial rules therefore are: if it’s a very large sum of money, then it’s not a bribe.

Ukrainian officials today took the U.S. money, and proceeded to spend it as quickly as possible.

“We don’t have much time. Might as well get our kicks before the shit hits the fan and we lose the lot,” Varkov Sliminski told a local reporter.

  • The crisis in Ukraine created a secret service of NATO. Arayik Sargsyan,
    academician, President of the Geopolitical Academy. Handwriting foment civil
    war in third countries , the process and methods of mass killing of civilians
    on the similarity of the execution of innocent school children in a school in
    Beslan , or execution of the Armenian parliament in October 27, 1999 , and
    finally the Holocaust peaceful protesters the day before yesterday , May 2 in
    Odessa confirm our version that behind all these terrorist wars are secret
    services and the U.S. and NATO in the first organization » Gladio «. It is
    necessary to say a few words about the history of “Gladio
    “.Proceeding from this, Russia would have to answer yourself the following

    Does the country ‘s political, economic and military potential for
    immediate appropriate actions of a military nature . If not, now it makes sense
    to strengthen the border with Ukraine taking into account the prospects for the
    emergence of the modern weapons aimed at Russia.

    Meanwhile, started this «hunt» from the west to the Russian president
    Mr. Putin . Yesterday, May 3 , the deputy head of the regional Dnepropetrovckoy
    gocadminictratsii Boric c Filatov made a new statement in which he suggested
    GREATER $ 100 million for the physical elimination of VV Putin or his
    resignation organization c pocta Roccii president .«We are ready to pay a cash
    consideration of $ 100 million for the elimination of Physical VV Putin or his
    organization otctavki c pocta Roccii president «- napical deputy, Kolomoyckogo
    (» Gladio «). Greater detail the conditions of this offer ctanut known no later
    than May 5. Kolomoycky Filatov and do not understand what those figures camym
    they Steels number one role cakralnyh victims!(
    ). We in this topic already addressed (… ).

    It is curious that this morning at his family estate in Nebraska in 73 ,
    died Bruce Richard (Dick ) Cheney , former Vice President of the United States
    (… ). Dick Cheney was one of
    the bosses of » Gladio «. Geopolitical war for Ukraine turns war for the
    Russian world .Arayik Sargsyan, academician, President of the Geopolitical
    academy, Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia.