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Ghost of Bob Crow Photographed During Tube Strike

LONDON - England - The tube strike today has created some untold misery for commuters, but a ghostly image captured by a woman from East London, has revealed something even more interesting.

Mavis Altringham, from Stepney, East London decided to take a picture this morning at Earl’s Court station, much to her astonishment she later found a ghostly image of Bob Crow on the digital photograph.

“I had to wrestle through thousands of people. One person fell on the tracks, lucky for him there were no trains. When I got to the top of the platform I took a picture of the mass of poor people huddled together in abject misery. I did actually think of Bob Crow as I was taking the picture, and lo and behold, when I looked at the camera later his ghostly image was there, sipping on some expensive wine. Looks like he’s enjoying himself in hell as much he enjoyed himself while he was still alive. Cheeky bugger, innit.”

Naturally the Daily Mail has published a full page spread of the amazing ghostly event.

If any readers have any more photos of Bob Crow’s ghost please send them in to: Bob’s Tube Strike Haunting Comp, P.O. Box 2343, Claridges Road, W1 7QW The winner of the photo competition will receive a crate of 2005 Château Pétrus

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