Prince Harry and Cressida Get Back Together Again

LONDON - England - Buckingham palace has made the announcement that Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have reunited after a temporary split.

On a positive note, Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have got back together again.

“This is wonderful news. I suppose the temporary split is very similar to the split Wills and Kate had before they suddenly got back together again,” a PR man from Soho told the BBC.

The prince has vowed to put his Nazi uniform down for good, and also will curtail his Southern Comfort sniffing sessions, as for wild Las Vegas trips, those will be carefully coordinated next time.

Palace officials were treading softly with announcements and kept quiet about the reunion. The royal engagement should be announced at the right time, probably when Russia invades Ukraine and World War III starts.

  • Myrna Vercaigne

    Cressica don’t leave Harry, you both need each other, and everyone should learn to get along, as you would be lonely without harry, so try to communicate instead of going off in steam. Myrna Vercaigne

  • Guest List

    Harry loves and misses Cressida and Cressida loves and misses Harry. All couples from time to time have their rows. Harry and Cressida could have
    the most cutest little boy to play with Prince George. Hope Harry and Cressida
    get back together and stay together.