Jeremy Clarkson to Open Exact Replica of Ancient Rome in African Village

SURREY - England - Veteran Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson is set to embark on a journey to film the motherload of episodes.


As part of next month’s Top Gear special in Africa, Jeremy Clarkson, he of the epitome of political correctness, will officially open an exact replica of ancient Rome, which has been built in an African village 200 Kms from Harari, Zimbabwe.

The creation was engineered by 42-year-old Mgbkwe Mbokwa, who recreated the city of Rome piece by piece after reading a book about Rome twenty years ago.

“Two thousand years ago, ancient Rome had aquaducts, vast structures, magnificent architecture and a system of highly advanced government. The Romans had underfloor heating, baths, bridges and sophisticated machines like catapults and cranes powered by slaves, they also had a fully functioning drainage system which directed sewage out of their homes, and under the streets. These were all things we Africans can only wonder at today,” Mbokwa told the BBC program.

Clarkson was said to be excited about visiting the Roman recreation: “I can’t wait to visit the recreation of Rome. Me and the boys, will be driving our bulldozers straight through the fucking lot of it. Ain’t technology great?”