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The Streets of Ukraine Paved With Gold

CHICAGO - USA - In the last few days, you may have noticed how gold has been rising, if you have not already filled your boots, maybe now is the time to enter, before it is too late.

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Geo-political and Counter Intelligence expert Brandt Meinhoff, from an unknown agency somewhere, outlines some of the pitfalls of coercing Russia into war.

“Agitating and baiting the bear has worked, as Russia has been forced to act after the coup in Kiev, and with further baiting by specialist teams in the country, Putin had no choice to act.

“There are similarities to the baiting of Saddam Hussein who in 1990 was forced to invade Kuwait because of deliberate US actions on the price of oil resulting in his later demise. The only difference between the two countries is that Russia has a well oiled military machine and Iraq was nothing much to talk home about apart from their oil reserves.

“For the global elite, Russia is crucial, because it has many resources and would be a final stepping stone towards China. This action may take a number of years to complete but a Russian spring could be utilised to fracture the country first, then once it is weakened internally the rest is easy. Divide and conquer, is of course an old time tested technique which is especially useful on totalitarian regimes, which crack easier than more fluid regimes, purely because of the element of discontent within a dictator led nation.

“The EU is taking the form of the former Soviet Union as is the USA, in its technical form of covert military operations and the use of tactical destabilisation in Ukraine.

“Putin may be superior in strategic technique, but he is now being quarantined by the global machine. Isolation can be dangerous for both sides however, because it can cause unexpected results. Sanctions only stoke the fires of all out war. If Russia feels there is no way out, they could strike at any time anywhere, much like a cornered bear in a forest being tracked by hunters with shotguns.

“When there is nothing to lose, there is nothing to lose.”

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