Net Zero: Putting All One’s Eggs in One Basket

LONDON - England - The government commitment to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 may leave the UK open to attack.

net zero

Net Zero, zero emissions, everything electric. On paper, it seems like a great idea, however consider for one moment what would happen if there was an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) bomb, or a massive solar flare? Well, with no other options for fuel or energy, it would be back to the Stone Age.

As for solar and wind, there is only so much this type of energy can provide the populace. Nuclear and hydrogen powered power stations may well provide more energy, however there is still the problem of electricity being the product and this is vulnerable to EMP.

It would be silly to think about building Faraday cages over every electronic device, therefore Net Zero is unfortunately a non-starter simply because it leaves the entire national or global network severely vulnerable.

While nations like China revel in building hundreds of coal-fired power stations every year across their countryside, the West will go all electric. In this instance, China would have the advantage because it could cripple Western nations by simply deploying EMP. The West would be severely stultified, whilst China would have a wide open door to simply walk in and take over.

In an ideal world, solely using electrical power would be optimal, however we unfortunately do not live in an ideal world, and putting all of our eggs in one basket in relation to energy is dangerous, especially when it leaves us vulnerable to EMP attack.