War With Russia is Counterproductive to Western Interests

LONDON - England - War with Russia is a very dangerous prospect for the West, especially if it escalates to nuclear confrontation.

nuclear war iran

The West should not be making enemies with the Russians but embracing them into the fold. It is true that there is an abrasive nature to Russian international exchanges, but this is simply the way they conduct affairs. After the Soviet era, Russia has opened up considerably.

The strength of the Russian people should somehow be utilised for the good of global relations and economy. The Russian people have endured huge hardship throughout history and in general are a hugely hospitable people, innovative, brave and obstinate in their beliefs. Yes, within the post Soviet era there has also been mass corruption from some areas but this can be blamed on a need to catch up to the West, as under sovietization much of global commerce was muted.

Russia just needs more time to adapt to the global alliance, however seeing as Russia has undone the shackles of communism, there is confusion in the hierarchy as they observe the likes of the EU embracing collectivism, and adopting Soviet structures to the bloc. Wokism in the West is also confusing to the Russians in the post Soviet era because it involves communist ideals and control techniques. Where Russia has left communism behind, it is baffling to them that some quarters of the West are embracing the failed political ideology.

The West must give Russia a little more time, and to de-escalate the Ukraine problem utilising considered diplomacy, not war. Punitive sanctions are also dangerous simply because they punish ordinary citizens more than the targeted policy makers.