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The EU Claims It Created Peace in Europe But Reality Sees Bloc Agitating Russia

BRUSSELS - EU - The EU has always claimed its construction created peace in Europe, however imminent war with Russia proves the contrary.

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Like any imperial force, the EU empire has to constantly expand, or it will die. This is why its incursions east into Ukraine awakened the hibernating bear of Russia, and this is why the West is currently in its current position of possible conflict with Russia.

During his tenure as EU president, Jean-Claude Juncker and Merkel’s leadership, the EU constantly talked about an EU army, a military force exclusive to the European nations within the bloc. The threat of another army on its borders no doubt agitated Russia further, however the EU did not heed the warnings as it continually expanded its influence in the Ukraine, right on Russia’s doorstep.

EU army, does the world really need another army?

It wasn’t just the EU meddling in Ukraine, the 2014 Obama administration were also stuck in Ukrainian affairs and stoking an already raging fire, as the clandestine recordings of Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt revealed all too well.

The expansionist EU is not only a threat to European peace but to global order because an imminent war in the Ukraine can easily escalate, not only with conventional warfare, but the most feared type of action where there are no winners but only losers, that of nuclear war.

World war III will start suddenly and without warning

The Daily Squib has constantly warned of the EU’s expansionist desires, and how these may cross Russian ‘red lines’ in territorial matters. The EU army and its dabbling in the Ukraine were one of the many reasons many in the UK fought to get out of the EU with Brexit. Unfortunately, because Britain is part of NATO, it will still be sucked into the Ukraine battlefield, even post-Brexit, however we will not be part of any EU army. Most Brexiteers and Britons would want Britain to stay out of any conflict regarding Russia completely.

“The Delightful Drums of War Beat Louder Every Day”

Putin, the grandmaster of this unwelcome chess game, is now amassing Russian forces on Ukraine’s far border and playing a waiting game. Russian naval ships have been loitering around the Irish Sea over the undersea cables that connect the UK and Ireland with North America. By cutting the undersea cables, much of Europe would go dark information wise.

Thanks to the EU’s soviet expansionist imperial outlook and US meddling, the world may finally witness what it means when you bait a hibernating bear with a stick. Putin has nothing to lose, because the way he sees things, by trying to eradicate Russia, the entire globe may very well go down with it.

But as a citizen of Russia, as a head of the Russian state, I want to ask – why do we need a world if Russia ceases to exist? VLADIMIR PUTIN


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