European Army: The Ultimate EU Goal is to Take Russia

LONDON - England - As the German EU army has now effectively taken over the Dutch army, there are serious concerns for global security especially relating to Russia.

There is a very valid reason why under everyone’s noses, the German army is now strengthening itself by integrating with the Dutch army.

This move away from NATO is a direct threat to global stability and yet here we are 70 years after World War II, in the same zone of Germanic supremacy.

The Daily Squib warned in 2012 of the threat of an EU army and when the European Union poked the Russian bear with a stick in Ukraine by ousting its Russian allied leader, and installing a pro-EU stooge. Naturally, the Russian bear did not take too kindly to this and annexed the Eastern portion of the country.

In an article on November 2014 we wrote that the EU is essentially doing the reverse of what Hitler did from 1939 onwards. Where Hitler bounded in first militarily, the EU has utilised a reverse tactic of bounding in economically and taking over territory with fiscal might. The next stage after this is military union in a covert fashion, and its working. The planned conflict will come last.

What the pro-EU element of the UK government under David Cameron is not telling anyone is that eventually the British army will be swallowed up by the EU army and incorporated into the ranks if Britain remains in the EU. For such a thing to happen would be devastating to Britain because it would be a signal to Russia that the UK would be target numero uno when conflict arose. Purely because strategically Britain would be weakened by not having its own military command and the UK is a great place to utilise for further attacks on Europe and the United States.

The British army has always prided itself in its effectiveness in combat, but under EU orders this would be compromised, and as the UK would be a sitting target it would be overrun in a few days if the Russians pleased to do so.

Napoleon Bonaparte tried, Adolf Hitler tried, but they both ultimately failed to take Russia, both caught out by the Siberian winter.

Jean Claude Juncker, may try as well. It is his dream to expand into Russia, and if not economically take the Slavs, he will, once the EU army has been built up, maybe jaunt across the Steppes and try for himself. Of course, there will have to be a move first by the Russians, and the EU move will be made to look retaliatory, but if Putin is around at the time, the EU will have its work cut out trying to best the grand chess master himself.

If Britain chooses to leave the EU however, it will have a chance in any future conflict. For a start, it will still have full control over its army, and secondly it will not be seen as such a threat to Putin. The real threat for Russia right now is the EU, and during a conflict, Britain would be seen as a neutral observer to the conflict if outside the EU.

When China joins in, as it is Russia’s ally, then things will change, but that will come later, as the Chinese are still building up their forces, and are not finished developing their military with high end equipment.

Britain must stick with NATO if it wishes to survive. This is something the EU is moving away from as they see NATO as a mainly Anglo led alliance, and the Europeans out of spite more than anything else are not happy with that reality.

The UK has its best chance of surviving if it always stays within the bounds of American NATO influence and aligning itself with the U.S. military supremacy, not only in defence but offence.

The recent foray into Syria by the Russians was indeed a good demonstration of what their military is currently capable of, and their hardware has improved considerably since the Cold War era.

For the safety of Britain, it is imperative that we all vote to leave the EU, we must not listen to the daily Project Fear bulletins fired from the StrongerIn campaign. They are misleading the people, and walking into a living nightmare which will eventually end in conflict.

The EU is planning for conquest in reverse, first economic, then military. Yes, it is covert and unseen to the untrained eye but there are little clues now and then that reveal the truth.

In the interests of global security, the EU should desist immediately from creating its own non-NATO military force, and should stay with NATO. We all know it won’t do that, and has already begun creating its own amalgamated army much to the detriment of global peace.