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The Next Step For EU is to Get Its Own Army

BRUSSELS - Belgium - They have their own currency, they have their own central bank, and they have their own flag. Of course, the next step is for the EU to get its own cohesive military.

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The new EU Reich needs its own army badly, they have to leave NATO and create an exclusive EU military.

The EU has instituted a policy of “coordination”– the total alignment of all EU individuals and institutions with EU goals. Culture, the economy, education, and law all has come under EU control. Extensive propaganda has been used to spread the EU’s goals and ideals.

“We will need our own EU uniforms, our own EU helmets and our own EU guns. This is the natural step for the European Union. Integration of all eurozone nations into one military,” Field Marshall, Constantine Rummel, told Euronews.

So, what would the new EU army look like?

The uniforms would be an amalgamation of Italian, French and German military dress, but there are serious considerations in applying the suave military dress of Germany’s greatest military power, the Nazis.

“German uniforms during World War II were suave and immaculately designed creations, as were the efficient weaponry designed by German engineers and scientists of the time. Certainly, we would get Hugo Boss to come up with updated creations this time, but keep the integrity of the Third Reich bringing it into the Fourth Reich,” Sturmführer, Gunther Hauser, told French paper, Le Figaro.

European Union military cohesion will be the ultimate form of solidarity bringing the fasci rods together and strengthening the political union of all EU nations against the threat of Russia. No empire can survive without expansion, and this is why the EU is actively expanding East towards the very borders of its biggest foe — Russia. Eventually, the bear may awaken from its slumber as this EU political/economic expansion is knocking directly on its door step. Knowing Russia, the EU could even be a catalyst for some type of skirmish or war.

“The EU Panzers will be a formidable force on any battlefield, flanking and smashing the enemy without mercy. We want to show the world how great the EU is and that we are not a pushover, we are invincible and will last for thousands of years. The thousand year EU Reich will rise up and show the power of the European stock to the world. Effectively, we are the New World and America, China and Russia have to look to our assimilation of millions of people and bow to our ultimate economic and military power,” EU Foreign Minister, Konrad Adenauer, told the EU Times.

Integration of all EU nations into the European Union must be all encompassing spiritually, militarily, financially and politically.

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