Catholics Urged to Oppose Curbs on Paedophile Priests

BUGERWELL - England - The Roman Catholic Church is planning to enlist the support of more than a million regular worshippers in opposition to Coalition Government plans to restrict and curb paedophile Catholic priests. .

Senior bishops are preparing to draw up a letter to be read at Masses across England and Wales when the Government consultation on plans to restrict the Catholic tradition of priest molestation of young boys gets under way later this month, it is understood.

It would be only the second time in recent history that a joint pastoral letter on behalf of all Catholic bishops in England and Wales has been issued on an issue of political importance  

“This is a direct attack on the institution of the Catholic church and its priests’ practices that have been going on for centuries and have been protected by every successive Pope since the beginning of our institution. We, and our clergy will fight to the bitter end to defend our priests who enjoy fiddling with little children in the name of Jesus Christ our lord. It is our fundamental right as Catholic Christians to be abused as children by these priests, and it is the right of the priests to do the dirty work,” Cardinal Seamus McMahon, told members at the College of Cardinals, the body which elects popes.



The Catholic church is known all over the world for its penchant for child abuse and the massive cover ups involved going up to the highest levels of the evil organisation.

“We still do not know what happens below the Vatican in the catacombs and secret tunnels. The current black pope, Ratzinger, goes down there for days as they have goats and young children delivered there never to return to the surface. The black masses and rituals they hold are a stark contrast to the fake rituals they perform above ground. Some say there are sacrifices to entities baying for blood, but no one has ever made it out alive,” a Vatican investigator told Italian paper, La Stampa.

“It is quite ironic that the Catholic church officially opposes gay marriage yet 94% of their clergy are homosexual deviants who prey on little children,” John Doherty, 45, a man who was abused as a child by a Catholic priest, who was never brought to justice, told the Dublin Times.