Can Google Predict the Future?

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - Some people think Google is God, some say that Google is Big Brother but whatever you may think about Google, it is getting so good at searches that predicting the future may be the next search algorithm they explore.

“Wouldn’t you like to wake up in the morning and know what is going to happen that day or the day after that? Well, we’re building the algorithms of all algorithms that will predict your future,” Al Getchu, senior algo programmer for Google told Wired magazine.

Forget about psychics or witch doctors, Google is the future of future prediction and will trump every other search engine in the universe.

“It’s like Google has a tap into space time and are now so predictive that they know what I’m thinking before I even think about it,” a bemused Google user told CBS tech news after Google had already predicted what he would say.

The next step for Google’s powerful search function will be planning their users’ day and predicting any probable outcome out of many different variables.

“You get up in the morning, turn on Google and bam, we know you so well that we’ll tell you what you got to do that day. You don’t have to think about it anymore, it’s done, it’s dusted,” Mr Getchu added.