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Clinton and Trump Take New York

NEW YORK - USA - The divisive Trump and Clinton win in the Big Apple last night will set the pace for the final primaries showdown.

Evangelist Ted Cruz was licking his wounds today despite GOP dealing blows for Trump with underhand tactics in several states by stealing delegates and orchestrating voterless elections.

The people saw through that debacle and handed Trump New York on a silver platter.

Hillary Clinton is clearly the winner over Bernie Sanders in the democrat circle, and her campaign has been one of class, as opposed to Trump’s brutish vulgarity which has become his calling card.

To get the 1237 needed by July by Trump should be no problem, however GOP may still have some dirty tricks up their sleeves, and there is a chance they may still derail the Trumpster.

Ideally, the resultant contest should involve Clinton and Trump, a showdown that would bring an explosive finale to the final death knell of the Republican party.

The Daily Squib prediction may very well come true soon.

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