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EU Referendum: Nick Clegg – Wrong Then, Wrong Now

NEW JERSEY - USA - Speaking at Princeton University, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg claims that the UK would be 'left alone and 'powerless' if it left the EU.

There has been more scaremongering from Nick Clegg this evening, the Lib Dem former leader has come out with some real choice phrases.

“We will be left with no empire, no union and no special relationship. We will never have been so alone. Never so isolated. Never so powerless.”

This like many of Nick Clegg’s woeful pitiful words is pure nonsense. Britain will always keep its seat on the UN Security Council, will always be at the helm of NATO, and will always have a special military and political alliance with the United States. Britain has the fifth largest economy in the world, and opening the country up to global trade on Brexit will increase its wealth enormously. Britain also has the fifth largest defence budget in the world.

Nick Clegg and his histrionics are never far from the levels of preposterous over emotional babbling, and his staunch pro-euro stance is a danger to the UK’s stability.

In 2002 he told Prospect magazine: “If we remain outside the euro, we will simply continue to subside into a position of relative poverty and inefficiency compared to our more prosperous European neighbours.”

Look where we are now in 2016. The euro is sinking, Greece is bankrupt 10 times over, Italy is on the brink and with mass unemployment in some EU countries at 45% of the population as well as mass unfettered migration causing immense burdens on EU coffers, there is no way that joining the euro currency would have been good for the UK in 2002 let alone in 2016, or any time in the foreseeable future.

Here is the hypocritical Nick Clegg today cosying up to the Americans with another begging speech at Princeton about how much the UK will lose out if we leave the EU, but in 2010, he told Politico magazine: “We still too readily put ourselves in a position of unthinking subservience to American interests, even when they’re not necessarily in our strategic interests.”

Wishy washy Clegg doesn’t know which way he’s coming or going, one minute he says one thing, the next he’s off on another tangent in the complete opposite direction.

Suffice to say, people with a surefire dedication to Brexit will not be assuaged by Mr. Yellow, any time soon.

Lest we forget what Clegg told the Guardian about the UK’s stance towards the US in 2004: “Above all, Blair confirmed the suspicion in many European capitals that, in the end, De Gaulle was right: the UK will always remain a footsoldier of US transatlantic power, incapable of committing itself to its own European hinterland. When push comes to shove, the UK will always choose America over Europe.”

Mr. Clegg has no leg to stand on, and his little miserable speech today at Princeton putting down Britain will go nowhere, much like his policies, his piffling little words, or his party.

Not only did Nick Clegg lie about tuition fees, getting him a seat in the government but he promised a referendum before backtracking on his words. Mr. Clegg lies more than David Cameron, and that’s saying something.

Britain will vote for Brexit on June 23, and nothing will stop the UK gaining its sovereign freedom, not least, words from a squirming dilly dallying Clegg.

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