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World War 3 Will Start Suddenly and Without Warning

LONDON - England - Analysts at a secretive agency for the analysis of war, have analysed the data regarding World War 3 and revealed their analytical analysis of their findings.

There will be little television coverage of the start of World War 3 because many will not know it has started, including the media.

What seems important now and is covered in hysterical news headlines about World War 3 is nothing, it is simply sensationalist fairy dust as usual by the mainstream media who are only concerned about clickbait for their advertiser revenue.

When World War 3 actually starts, there will be minimal coverage by the media and the events leading up to initial incursions will be seen as not interesting enough to even report.

The thing about major wars is they usually start suddenly and without warning, and the third world war will be mainly conventional.

The correct trigger

To qualify for a world war, there has to be mobilisation from all corners of the earth. Therefore, if we have confrontations only in one part, it is not generally flagged as World War, however a fire has to start somewhere, and this usually spreads quite quickly if there is the correct territorial kindling.

Furthermore, world war would inevitably have to include the world’s large powers, for it to be correctly labelled as a world war. Therefore, we would have to see the USA, Russia, China, Japan, as well as European and Australasian countries skirmish.

China in a third world war scenario would immediately go for Australia and New Zealand. This would be their first move, after taking Taiwan in less than a few hours.


Russia would invariably increase its territory by taking former Soviet states, as well as pushing into Sweden, Finland and Norway as well as incursions into Middle Eastern territory. Norway and Middle Eastern territories have large oil and gas reserves and would be a great prize for Russia. Norway, as well as being on the cusp of the sea, is only a small jaunt to Britain. Whether Russia would utilise nuclear weapons on the UK in an initial push is to be debated, however there is credence in thought that the Russians see the UK as a vast threat to their plans and do not see any usable resources in Britain. Most probably there would be over thirty nuclear bombs dropped on Britain to silence it once and for all, if it refuses to surrender to Russian might bearing down on it.

It is safe to say that in the initial moments of Russian movement into Europe, the French would surrender almost immediately. This would be done to safeguard Paris and its architecture as in WW2. Germany would put up a fight, alongside NATO, but movement would be too slow, as the Russians have everything planned already, their main ally is speed and efficiency without slow democratic political processes slowing them down.

Coupled with the threat of World War 3, there is also the race to develop robotic military functional applications, the advancement of nanotechnology used in warfare, as well as the development of Artificial Intelligent systems, by Chinese, American and Russian scientists, as well as modified chemical materials utilised in warfare.

The key to all of this is, would the US utilise their nuclear arsenal if the Russians made a move into Europe? Well, to answer this, one only has to look at Hitler’s incursion into Europe before and during WW2. The Americans not only financed Hitler, but stood about watching Hitler and his army butcher their way through Poland, France and the rest of Europe. It was not until the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour that made the Americans do something, otherwise they would have done absolutely nothing. Britain would have been lost to the German forces eventually, just through sheer numbers, and dwindling supplies hit by U-boats.

It is safe to say that the US would therefore be cautious in its initial actions during a Russian and Chinese incursion.

One must also not forget the other rogues, or variables in the mix. Iran and North Korea, who would most probably put to their advantage any weakness seen by the Western Allies.

Iran, will attack Israel from all sides, and they will be joined by other Islamic states. This action alone will not mean the end of Israel, as the militarised state will hit back with all its might crushing the attackers ruthlessly. They will then push on further into Arab territory, gaining Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Iran.


The other big dogs of war who are itching for a fight are India and Pakistan, two nuclear capable countries. Who is to say they do not face off, maybe drop a nuke on Delhi and one on Islamabad? The aftermath of course would be cleaned up by China, as their millions of troops surge into the region on the premise of ‘Keeping the Peace’.

Back in the United Nations, there will be talk, but no solution, because there can be no solution to what is irresistible for many nations, holding back for so long. The delegates will know what they are dealing with, but it will be too late, and after the talking is over, there will be even more talking — a useless conversation to a very old question.

World War 3 will not necessarily be nuclear. How about cyber warfare where millions of Russian and Chinese hackers take down electricity grids/crucial utilities, or maybe an EMP burst in the upper atmosphere frying all electronic components, or what about satellites being blown up leaving many agencies and the military blind? There are effective alternatives to full nuclear war, a virus that sweeps the globe engineered by an evil state intent on global domination. No state in the world wants to use their nuclear arsenal because this means the territory they may conquer by conventional military warfare would be irradiated and useless, that’s why a viral pandemic is a wonderful solution. No one wants a nuclear winter covering the sun for ten years, where all vegetation and animals die off. It is not in their interests for mutual self-destruction, however many bunkers they have. Therefore, it is safe to say that World War 3 will mainly be conventional/viral warfare, however, if it comes to an end scenario where one nuclear power is in serious danger of being wiped out conventionally, then, someone like Vladimir Putin will press the red button. His stance is that if Russia ceases to exist, so should the others cease to exist.

“But as a citizen of Russia, as a head of the Russian state, I want to ask – why do we need a world if Russia ceases to exist?”

The precursor for war is much like a rubber band. How far can one pull back a rubber band before it snaps back into place? The natural circle and cycle of history for Mankind has always been a state of war, and since the last major war in the late 1930s to 40s, the rubber band has been stretching and stretching. Soon, the laws of physics state that the rubber band will snap back into place, much like the tectonic plates suddenly snapping back after a major earthquake. Dwindling finite resources on earth, and increasing populations mean that the final push for one singular faction to control all — is inevitable.


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