EU Army: Does the World Really Need ANOTHER Army?

DAVOS - Switzerland - With solidified union between Germany and France, the EU army is taking shape, but the question is, do we all really need another army roaming around the globe looking for a fight?

The delightful news that President Macron and Chancellor Merkel are solidifying their dream of an all encompassing EU army today frankly brings up a little bile.

I mean how many armies are there in the world already? When it comes to big coalitions, we have NATO, and we have the Axis of Evil, and we have China which has about 3 Billion soldiers all on standby, and all the other little nations with their respective armies.

Do we really want another mega army stalking the corridors of power? The last time the world had this problem was in 1939 when Hitler assembled his vast army thanks to some American financiers and other assorted bankers.

The only reason the EU wants its own army is because of — Russia. That’s it! Plus, the EU as we wrote about before is the Third Reich backwards. First they conquered multiple nations peacefully utilising their economic power, then after the nations had been suitably amalgamated without a way out, they enforced an army on everyone. Hitler did the opposite, he assembled an army first and tried to take over Europe with force. This was the wrong way to go about things, as the EU engineers of the future would realise, Jean Monnet and crew with their German counterparts,¬†Adenauer, decided to assemble their Reich utilising stealth and timing. The totalitarian tiptoe, where changes are eased in slowly, thus not alarming any of the sleeping populace. Move too fast with changes, and there are problems, people may start to see through the plan, and this could ruin everything.

The German army is back


The Daily Squib accurately predicted the EU army in 2012 when no one was talking about it. This is what we do, and this is why we are vilified and punished by the current monopoly internet controllers for seeing the truth many years before the fact. Naturally, they are the ones who should hold the truth, and not others, especially little fish like the Squib.

Nevertheless, if you can’t hear the alarm bells ringing now, you either don’t care, or are too asleep in the esoteric sense to even realise what is going on.

This is why it is imperative to leave the EU now, for we are in great peril, the danger rises daily not only from the East, but from our own front door, just across the Channel, the EU is hungry for more power and they are taking it upon themselves to push through with their Ukrainian plan of assimilation and the roads further inward. This will be the precursor for Russia to engage its enemy, once and for all.


By building another army, the EU is endangering world peace, because this monolithic monstrosity will coerce Russia and threaten it just by its very presence. Do the Russians want a monster army right next to their borders peering into their business, trying to steal Ukraine from them? Certainly not, is the definite answer, and we can see this from Russia’s behaviour during the recent Syrian conflict which Obama fucked up. There are invisible lines that should not be crossed when it comes to the peaceful stasis we are in right now, and having an EU army will not only destabilise everything, it will bring upon itself a great wrath never before seen.


Britain must stay away from this threat, and we must treat it with great suspicion. The EU army or Fourth Reich will not last just as its predecessor did not last, purely because the lust for more power is so enticing, and so blinding that the EU will make mistakes, and these mistakes will be the start of the European battlefield of the future.

Britain must stay with its true allies, the Americans and Australians, and it must unfortunately cut its losses with previously friendly European nations. These former sovereign countries have been severely compromised by joining the sovietized EU, and the euro currency is their ball and chain. They have sold out their own people and sovereign national statuses for economic imprisonment within an EU state that is moving towards its true aspiration of total global control. If you do not believe this, simply look at the recent EU regulations on the world wide web. Their EU internet rules supersede everything else, therefore we can see that they are now a global power exerting their diktats on the whole world.

The plan is to encompass the whole globe under one Union, and the controllers want this union to fly the EU flag as one entity, one singular world power and authority over every national state and people, of course led by Germany and France, their omnipotent masters.

These are grave times of danger we are now living in. Britain must extricate itself from the EU prison now, or it will not survive the next chapter.