Since most women are very complex when it comes to dating, we reckon they might need a guide on how best they can keep a man happy. Surely some ladies need a little help with their dating game. Are you one of them? If you are, then the dating books below will show you a great roadmap on how best you can have a lovely relationship.

This includes keeping your man happy all the time. We have compiled a list of some of the dating books that will improve your love life. The books offer all the dating tips and strategies soon after reading this, get yourself a copy! This is only normal since there are even book on gambling and real money slots strategies.

Act Like Lady, Think Like a Man: Steve Harvey

According to Steve Harvey’s book, the fundamental issue women have to consider to keep their partner is understanding men. Harvey’s advice goes down to state that women need to understand the games that men play. And the comedian television presenter is very adamant that men do play games. For more on Steve Harvey’s amazing book go to the nearest book shop today and grab a copy.

The Power of the Pussy

Kara King goes all out in her dating book. In pursuit of offering her fellow women some dating advice, she believes her book is a playbook for winning the game. And she also shares the same sentiment with Steve Harvey that dating is nothing but a game.
However, King also advises women to manipulate men so that they become the man they want them to be. That includes making men to make magic on their women. We cannot go any further than this. Make sure you grab yourself a copy and enjoy the read shared to you by Kara king.

Marry Him: The Case of Settling for Mr Good Enough

This amazing and well-written dating book provides all women with the art of seduction. Written by Lori Gottlieb, the book focuses on some of the unrealistic expectation that most young women expect from men. Make sure you enjoy the rest of the read by getting yourself one copy today!

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