A Clean No Deal Brexit Will Be the Day When Britain Gets Its Guts Back

LONDON - England - The solution to a bad deal Brexit is a clean no deal Brexit, where Britain can hang its head high whilst walking away from an EU that cannot negotiate properly.

Are these not the same Brexit shores that bred men to storm the beaches of Normandy, to fight against hordes of Vikings, to win against all odds against Napoleon, to conquer half of the world with one of the greatest empires ever known?

No Deal Better Than Bad Deal

You would certainly not think it from the Theresa May crew, who shrivel and kowtow to every Brussels belch. Who have constrained Britain and left it a whimpering bitch on the end of a leash.

What did those men and women die for in two world wars? It certainly was not to be a subservient nation unable to make its own laws, unable to make its own trade deals, and unable to GET SOME FUCKING BOLLOCKS!

We voted on June 23, 2016 in a democratic referendum to leave the Customs Union, leave the ECJ, leave the single market, and ultimately leave the EU — COMPLETELY! No half measures, no half foot in half out, none of that.

The EU referendum result was promised that it would be solidly binding and respected by parliament, and not meddled with. This promise was of course made because the Remain side was projected to win. When the result was Leave, this was obviously a different story and democracy flew out of the window.

It seems there is no belief any more in Britain, a land that has much illustrious historic value, and has been the bastion of adversity for thousands of years. We’re not fucking surrender monkeys that roll over like the others, those wet farts who initially disagreed to an EU referendum question, but were ordered by their EU masters to have another one until they got the answer Brussels wanted. (France, Ireland, Netherlands)

Clean No Deal Brexit

Britain’s future will be one of great riches and sovereign greatness, if it leaves without a deal. Its people and parliamentarians can hold their heads up high, and they can forge their own trade deals, they can fish in their own waters, they can make their own laws once again.

We must embrace freedom. Yes, it is going to be tough, but better to live one day as a lion than 100 as a sheep.

We must move forward, clean no deal Brexit. Let the EU twaddle on that one, let them eat their own rotten cake, for it is they who have reneged, back stabbed, and wriggled like worms in the so-called ‘negotiations’.

It is time to stand up. Now!

“Where do we stand? We are not members of the European Defence Community, nor do we intend to be merged in a Federal European system. We feel we have a special relation to both. This can be expressed by prepositions, by the preposition “with” but not “of”—we are with them, but not of them.” Sir Winston Churchill https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/commons/1953/may/11/foreign-affairs

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