The doomsayers and fear mongers may have the headlines about a so-called ‘Bad Brexit’ however those with clearer heads think otherwise.

The term ‘Bad Brexit’ was created by Remainers and anti-Brexit lobbyists. For Brexiteers however this would be termed as a ‘Clean Brexit’, or simply what most of us voted for, a ‘Brexit’.

One must understand that if Brexiteers had been in charge of negotiations, they would have seen the signs early that Brussels was not willing to negotiate in a gentlemanly manner, and would have conducted a Clean Brexit with clinical precision. Unfortunately, Britain was struck by treachery from within and lumped with Remainers in key roles.

Clean Brexit

What does a ‘Clean Brexit’ mean? Quite simple really, Britain would be out of the EU, trade on WTO rules, and would not pay the EU the full amount that they demand as blood money. Seeing as there would be no deals made with the vindictive petulant EU, the UK would not have to honour anything with them. This is fine with Brexiteers because they simply want to leave.

Eventually, EU rules, laws and regulations would be purged from the system, but this would naturally take some time.

The UK would go through some period of change, but this would be normal. There is no time in history where a change in system did not have its ups and downs.

Britain would lower taxes, not only for business, but for all, including VAT, which is an EU stipulation. Many businesses worldwide would be enticed to Britain with lower corporation and business taxes making it a safe haven within Europe.

People would eventually see the costs of their groceries normalising, and their everyday costs for living lowering. Previously, the EU made the price of goods, and clothing increase in price, but when the UK leaves the EU, there will be a substantial drop in costs as many businesses will not be paying the enormous markup costs designated by the EU.

Gain our sovereignty back

Farming and agriculture would flourish as they would not be held back by ridiculous EU regulations, as would the UK fishing industry when it reclaims British waters, safeguarded by the Royal Navy.

There would not be any large payments to Brussels anymore, to be eaten up into a massive black hole spent on extravagant EU projects that only furnish the French or German companies completing them. Neither would British taxpayer money be sucked into the Greek debt hole where money disappears never to be seen again.

The UK will not have to join the EU army, which is nothing but an extension of the Third Reich, and neither will we have to take in millions more of EU migrants thus securing our borders and only taking in those who meet the correct criteria.

Having a ‘Clean Brexit’ is the ideal solution and would be the best thing for the UK. Once free, Britain can once again forge its own way, sail the high seas and do what Britannia has been doing for thousands of years — out of the EU.