These days, anyone who dares to call themselves a conservative or libertarian, are immediately shut down and hounded out of public society. This is why, conservatives and those seeking liberty are the new outcasts, the new punks.

Punk, the anti-authoritarian sub-culture came out of nowhere in the 1970s and was a musical genre with a ‘f you’ attitude, and espoused freedom from the chains of establishment authoritarian structures curtailing freedom.


Although Punk was left-leaning, anarchistic, it has many similarities to the conservative and libertarian movement today which is fighting an authoritarian media structure that inhibits freedom of speech, censors widely and is totalitarian.

To study what is going on today with the shutting down of anything that questions the socialist media entities is in itself dangerous, because algorithms on the internet cannot distinguish social commentary to actual conservative or libertarian dissent. These algorithms were created by socialist tech workers who abhor any political ideology other than socialism, Marxism or communism. American socialist controlled media entities are so stupid they cannot distinguish parody/satire from a hoax. They are so uneducated and ignorant that they label all satire as a hoax. Their algorithms cannot distinguish between satire/parody/rhetoric/irony/pathos/sarcasm because the American tech people are not literate, they know nothing of literature. This is what we’re dealing here with, uneducated, stupid people in charge of large swathes of humans numbering in billions.


Conservative and libertarian thought is the new danger, and the new punk. They tried to shut down punk too but that never happened, it was a wild tour de force that came through the scene like a hurricane ripping everything to shreds, including the authoritarian gatekeepers and their anti-free speech, anti-art censorship drive. Eventually, punk became the de-facto genre leading the crowd during its heyday.

Socialists (U.S. Democrats, U.K. Labour) and communists are the new parents who send you to your room for listening to Iggy Pop. They’re not fun any more, they don’t have a sense of humour any more, and they’re certainly not progressive any more, they’re regressive, to the days of Stalin, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao. They have turned into miserable, moaning vindictive shisters who use mob rule and censorship to get their little power kicks. How very big of you, you censored free speech, you shit on democracy and the right to be heard.

We wish to reiterate the point that the Daily Squib is a mere mirror, we do not subscribe to any political construct left or right or centre. We are mere observers to the reality of what is going on at any time in history.