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Think Tank: The West Must Not Let the Horror of Communist China Overcome the Globe

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - China wants to takeover the world economically and politically, and it must be stopped.

The Institute of Western Global Democracy, based in Washington D.C., has revealed a paper on the great danger coming from China, not only its communist political ideology, but its economic means to subjugate democracy through the backdoor.

Communist China a Global Threat

“What China is doing in Tibet, is indescribable. The horror, the torture of people, the destruction of a whole nation. China wants to take over the world, and it is doing so silently through economic means as well as military. These same methods of discrimination and torture are now being meted out on the Uighur people in Xinjiang province. Millions detained in Chinese gulags and re-education camps, many disappear never to be seen again.

“China has been the factory of the West for decades now, and by selling and manufacturing their cheap plastic useless trinkets they have grown economically. This growth has also fuelled their aspirations for global domination, and they have vastly modernised their military and technological capabilities, by stealing secrets from the West and adapting it to their own needs.

“Chinese colonisation of many African nations is taking over much of the continent, and taking advantage of respective governments by alluding to help building roads but using its foothold to plunder finite resources across Africa.

“Chairman Mao, a cold-blooded murderer, killed over 45 million people in less than four years, this was his Great Leap Forward. His communist ideology has no mercy, and no honour, it is steeped in the blood and bones of millions of innocent men, women and children. This is what the Chinese communist state of today stands for, and they want to not only impose their communist ideals of non-freedom on the internet but on Western democracy.

“We see this by the rise in soviet political correctness, which basically is a way of curtailing all speech, as well as mass censorship now prevalent on the internet. This is all because certain companies have been infiltrated by the Chinese and its communist ideology.

“The European Union, has also modelled itself on China, and utilises its authoritarian economic muscle as a way to ensure protectionist business practices that benefit only EU companies, mainly those of France and Germany. The Federal Republic of the EU, is a soviet dream that even Gorbachev balked at when he saw it taking shape in the 1980s.

“The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.” Mikhail Gorbachev

“It is to this effect, that the United States is now fighting back, after suffering for many years with listless, unfair trade deals that benefited only China and the EU. The current president, is bringing manufacturing back to America, something that was laughed at as impossible by the enablers of soviet China in the previous socialist American administration. To have supported such a brutal regime in itself denotes a direct endorsement of brutality.

China is further trying to destabilise the West by inundating it with synthetic drugs produced cheaply in Chinese factories. This action creates terrible problems for the population who fall into drug addiction and early death.


“It is certainly sad to see how China has shot itself in the foot. To go to any city or town in China, one must first navigate the dirty polluted streets where it is acceptable to defecate in the road, where dogs are slaughtered and eaten, where the air pollution is so bad that people cannot see two yards ahead. People disappear daily in China, the state makes them disappear. All it takes is one single word on the internet, or a neighbour’s report and you’re gone.

“This horrific grotesque communist regime in China has imprisoned the people. The ones who are not robots, not indoctrinated in communist ideology from birth, are in serious danger every day. How sad, that there are Western companies who have no conscience and are actively helping the Chinese state through technology to carry out their brutal regime of torture and murder.

“The West has a responsibility to save the world from China and its communist rhetoric, as well as its economic warfare. After many years of intransigence and apathy by presidents like Barack Obama, it is crucial that Donald Trump sticks to his guns and defeats the Chinese communist menace, or the whole of Western democracy will be at its mercy.

“This will be a hard war, but it is one worth fighting. To fight whole armies of brainwashed robotic communists who do not have a mind of their own, is a foreboding task, but it must be accomplished or they will one day overrun the West.”


Amnesty International

Human Rights

Human Rights Watch

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