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Perpetual 48 Hrs For Stage Managed BRINO Deal Never Coming Soon

LONDON - England - It has been another 48 hrs, and another announcement that a Brexit deal is imminent in 48 hrs.

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Today we have another announcement that the Brexit deal will be completed in the next 48 hrs, much like the previous 48 hrs, and the 48 hrs before that.

David Lidington, the Cabinet Office minister, must be so bored of having to announce a deal being made every 48 hrs for the last few months.

“I get the call from Olly Robbins, to make another 48 hrs announcement, then after another 48 hrs passes, I get another call to do the same thing. Frankly, I’m getting rather bored of it. This BRINO stage managed fiasco really is smarting. I have better things to do.”

Of course, we all know the plan is one of stalling things for as long as possible, in order to push the “Brexit In Name Only” Chequers deal through parliament as a matter of urgency towards the end of some deadline made by Brussels. Hopefully the good ol’ boys and gals will be there to vote the fucker down as soon as it finally rears its ugly head.

Coincidentally 48 hrs was a great movie from 1982 starring Nick Nolte, and a young Eddie Murphy.

The bit that really sticks in the memory is the moment Eddie is in his jail cell singing Roxanne by the Police. This was truly a wonderful cinematic and comedic scene.

Nolte plays a hard edged cop who enlists Murphy, a convict, to find a killer in less than 48 hours, or it’s jail time for Reggie.

At the time, it was a typical cliche black and white buddy movie, with the usual love and hate politics.

Great film. Watch it if you ever missed it or were not born then.

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