sinking ship brino theresa may

Thar she goes..the leaky ship BRINO is sinking fast, with resignations galore, some have jumped into the lifeboats, Northern Island minister, 2 x Brexit ministers, BoJo, Esther McVey plus all the rest.

Mrs May is sticking to her guns though on her ship called BRINO. As each gloating EU iceberg slams into the side, she stays stalwart and says everything is okay.


“There is nothing to see here. There is no danger. The ship BRINO may be taking on gallons of freezing water through the torn hull, the violins are still playing, and I am still dancing on the deck, even though we are now lopping port side at 35 degrees.”

As for the crew of the ship that are still onboard BRINO, they are vehemently promised by Captain May that there is nothing to fear, and that everything is fine.

“Mrs May told us that it’s ok and even though I am now hanging from a flagpole and the ship is making these rather unsavoury gurgling noises as the water is pushing through, I am committed to believing Captain May that there is nothing to worry about..Aaaaargh! (falls 200 feet to their death)”

This time however, there will be no Celine Dion soundtrack.