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Perpetually Offended Person Offended by the Concept of Being Offended

CALIFORNIA - USA - Social Justice Warrior Hugh Mungus who is perpetually offended is also offended by the concept of being offended.

Perpetually offended Social Justice Warrior, and keen activist in all socialist matters, ranging from LGBTQP affairs, feminism, no borders, soviet ideology, marxism, and the ideal communist state, Hugh Mungus, is in a state of perpetual offence.

“I wake up in the morning and the first thing I hear are the words, ‘good morning’ and I shout to my roommate that this is a form of racist linguistic capitalist imperialist sexist white-male created offensive greeting that assumes it is a good morning in our Western capitalist bourgeois society when there are people in Africa NOT having a good morning. They are having a shit morning because they live in a corrugated iron shack and have to walk for five hours to fill a bucket full of dirty muddy water to fucking drink from.”

Mr. Mungus, who attends Berkeley college in California is so outraged that he now deems all society, biology and science offensive as well as the concept of being offended as offensive.

“I am outraged and offended at offence. It is offensive and hateful to be in this perpetual state and the concept of being offended is offending. Being offended in itself is an offensive stance to the state of offence and offending. Being offended is no doubt in my mind a creation of the capitalist racist sexist system which imprisons people to be offended and I suspect they created offence in the first place. Everything is offensive to me, as I am perpetually in a state of offence and it is my right to be offended at the concept of being offended and offence in an offensive manner.”


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