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Women and Children Will Be Pushed to Front When Migrant Caravan Reaches US Border

MEXICO U.S. BORDER - As the migrant caravan snakes its way up South America to the land of the free, the USA, there are many questions to be asked about the whole sordid affair.


The technique the organisers of the migrant caravan will utilise to offset any military presence at the U.S. border will be to push the women and children to the front, almost as a human shield, and to also display them to the world’s press who will be filming them.

This method is utilised as a means to shame the military, because they will be facing off to thousands of women and children. This will also engender feelings of sadness amongst viewers and pity.

The Mexican authorities have repeatedly promised the migrant caravan people homes, benefits, schooling and safety, but none of the participants of the caravan have taken up the offer, even though many are claiming they are pursuing safety and asylum. They instead only talk about going to America.

The organisers of the migrant caravan, are funded by many organisations, mostly socialist and communist, inadvertently funded by US taxpayers through shell charity organisations, and those linked to George Soros.

In Guatemala, 11 Cuban nationals were detained, and many in the caravan are from far flung spots like Bangladesh, Congo and other Asian countries.

It is a certainty that the migrant caravan was planned over a year ago. This can be ascertained by the immense logistical operation, where food and rest stops along the route have all been meticulously laid out. Transport, and even payment to the participants of the caravan to continue their journey, some paid over $1,000 each for the trek by leftist groups.

These poor people are effectively pawns of the leftist groups who are manipulating them purely as a political agenda to undermine Donald Trump and America. This despicable act is a human tragedy and the organisations who have been implicit in organising this should have their US affiliates shut down by the Trump organisation and their funds seized.

One cannot be sure of the response by the Trump administration when the migrant caravan hits the border, but if he backs down he will be viewed as weak, if he acts aggressively, then he will cause outrage amongst the leftists and communists within the United States.

This is a very fine tightrope the president now finds himself on. What will he do to get out of this calamity foisted on him and the country? How will all of this end? Could this topple Trump and his bid for 2020 reelection?

Break out the popcorn and Schlitz and keep watching.

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