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When it comes to keeping his word, Donald J. Trump does not mess around. He vowed to protect the borders during his election speeches, and today, as a migrant caravan snakes its way towards the southern border of the United States, the tanks, the APCs, the support vehicles, the military troops are getting ready.

Trump is not going to be held ransom by the demands of the organisers of this caravan making its way to the US from Honduras. Already, he has threatened to cut the funds and aid that America throws away each year to these Latin American nations, where the money is siphoned off into Swiss accounts by corrupt officials, and not delivered to the people for aid.


Naturally, the NGOs and other organisations related to known globalist sources have made a great effort to engineer the migrant caravan to coincide with the US midterm elections.

This will be Trump’s Alamo, where he will unleash rockets and bullets if need be onto the desperate men, women and children being used as pawns by forces they have no understanding or acknowledgement of.

Speaking on Thursday, Trump was adamant that he will not be swayed by the televisual reports of Honduran women carrying babies crying.

“This is a de-facto invasion. The guns these people carry are not rifles, but the left wing media. That is their weapon. I have ordered 15,000 of our finest troops to the border. These are great men and women who follow orders, they are patriots who defend this nation. I have ordered up tanks, and other military vehicles. We will open fire on anyone who attempts to rush our border walls, we will shoot anyone who tries to cross over illegally. It’s a no brainer folks. Either you apply to come here legally, or don’t. This is why we have laws in this country, and I intend to uphold the law at our borders.”

The scenario will thus play out as a curious attraction streamed live on all channels. As the migrant hordes rush the border, a barrage of gunfire and tank shells will simultaneously explode around the rushing mass of human misery. The leftist media shrieking with outrage will be out shrieked by the cheering right wing media.

As the smoke will clear, there will only be silence apart from a few groaning bodies here or there amongst the bloodied bodies.

Fiction aside, the reality of the situation will probably involve lots of white tents to keep these miserable people out of America. They will be clothed and fed until they are bored, and realise they will not get anywhere anytime soon.

The question one must ask is, just because there is poverty and lack of labour in some areas of the globe, does this give these people the human right to impose themselves by the thousand onto other sovereign territories and enter illegally by force?