Coudenhove-Kalergi Pan Europa EU

“The Pan-European project envisioned by Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, will eventually win over sovereign states within Europe as time passes, and regimes settle down.

“The initial plan cannot be party to any divergence for long periods of time, and populism, as well as nationalistic fervour, patriotism, is limited to dying populations, who will eventually disappear along with their aspirations of a renewal of nationalism.

“The European project, despite Brexit, will continue, because there will not be any meaningful Brexit. The British who are controlling the negotiations are firmly ensconced within the European side, and the real Brexiteers do not have any power in their parliament. We will therefore see a faux removal of the UK from the EU, thanks to Theresa May and her euro-centric Cabinet. This folly, will enable May or any future prime minister to declare they completed the will of the people however in reality, Britain will be firmly placed within EU laws and regulations indefinitely. Britain has already eaten the multicultural pill, and there is no going back, however much some may try to reverse things.

“The main raison d’être for the Pan-European project was to counteract the Russian threat, as well as bolster Europe’s standing next to the super power of the United States. For this to engender a tactical advantage within the Western European diaspora there would have to be a genetic blend imported into Europe, to increase diversity, and plant the seeds of global acceptance. The homogenous nature of Europe must be bred out generationally, to create a new European, one who is a blend of many global bloodlines. This is why German Chancellor, Angela Merkel accepted with open arms over a million refugees from the Middle East in 2015. Similarly, Southern Italy has seen a deluge of human traffic from the African continent, which under the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan is key to increasing Europe’s diverse population targets.

“Throughout the past three or four decades, we have seen the integration within Europe of diverse genetic mixtures flourish, and even though there have been attempts to halt this mixing, it has continued, and will continue until the whole of Europe is composed of a darker hue, from the extremities of the southern border to the north, east, and west.

“The European project will move forward as planned, and so will its single currency.

“Across the Atlantic Ocean, we have the United States, who is momentarily resisting the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan of integration, the pan-American uniting force of South and North America will go ahead despite the aspirations of Mr. Trump, who is imprisoned within a socialist system he alone cannot change. The only way Trump can change things permanently is to start a civil war, and win it. This latter scenario is highly unlikely, and the eventual demise of Mr. Trump will herald the resumption of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to unite the South with North America, relinquishing any national borders. The momentum for this break down in North American sovereignty is too great to stop without military intervention, and it is highly improbable that Trump will resort to such methods.

“As new regimes, within nation states, come and go, there will be a stop and start method towards the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, and this is perfectly permissible simply because this plan extends to centuries, and was never intended as a quick fix program.

“We know of the challenges facing integration of certain global areas like Russia and China, but these will come eventually under the auspices of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.

“All nation states will be moulded as one eventually, all holding an ethnically heterogeneous model, all borders will become like the EU’s Schengen zone, and eventually governance of all global sections will be ruled as one, centrally from Europe. The human race, will abhor nationalism to any particular state, and will only hold allegiance to the global state, where all economic, judicial, and every-day governance will preside.”

Former EU President Herman Van Rompuy was awarded the European Prize Coudenhove-Kalergi 2012 “Peace and the European idea” for his exemplary work towards EU integration.

You are all welcome in the EU. From Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia, and further. Please make your way into the EU. You can come into the EU from any border and you will be given food, homes, jobs, money. Ports of entry Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Black Sea. WELCOME TO THE EU!