Grandmaster Putin Playing Biden Like a Flute

MOSCOW - Russia - Compared to Grandmaster Putin, Joe Biden is about as sharp as a blunt butter knife. The Russians are running rings around the weak USA.

biden vs grandmaster putin 1

The massive troop build up on the Ukraine border, and warnings from Putin for Biden to back off, are big dog barks against a tiny poodle. Grandmaster Putin, is a strategic behemoth compared to the floundering Biden who needs constant prompts through his ear piece to do even the simplest of tasks. Trip and fall Biden does not even know where he is or what he is saying most of the time, but thanks to the skewed corrupt U.S. election he was somehow selected for the job.

Sharpness is the key, an ultimate strategic portfolio on hand at any moment and the ability to change tactics as fluid situations arise out of nowhere. Speed, and the ability for extreme calm when others are losing their heads is also something Putin has in his vast arsenal of technique. Biden has none of that, he is sadly a decrepit floundering fool, a corrupt vestige of greed, and a mumbling geriatric with advanced mental decline.

When Putin makes his move, which he will soon, there is nothing the weak Biden will be able to do, and if he does dare to counteract Grandmaster Putin, he will be outmanoeuvred and flanked from all points.

While Biden is bumbling around like a deranged retarded bee, Putin is preparing for action. Biden is more concerned with the Green New Deal right now, which will bankrupt America further. Now is not the time to think about profligate eco-socialist pet projects that will cost trillions of dollars, the USA should be concentrating on the Russian bear who seems to be sharpening its claws for a final push through Ukraine, and maybe other sovereign nations that used to be under the Soviet curtain.

The people who installed Biden into power should be ashamed of themselves because they have put someone who is completely bereft of ability or talent to face America’s enemies who every day grow stronger while the USA grows weaker. It is because of this grave mistake that America itself may fall completely within the next few years.

As for the Chinese, it is almost certain that they will not miss any chance or opening to complete their mission within the South China Sea as well.

The Iranians are emboldened by Biden, and are enriching uranium to the highest levels yet. They too will not hesitate to act against the interests of the USA, especially with Biden around, it’s pretty much a free for all, grab and take what you want situation.

Joe Biden — the gift that keeps giving.