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10 Advantages of Hiring Mercenaries in Military Operations

LONDON - England - Why hiring mercenaries in military operations can be advantageous and effective in many scenarios.

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Say you want to overthrow a small African nation for profit and mining resources for your wealthy clients, well this is where hiring mercenaries can become useful. Mark Thatcher knows about that stuff. Coup d’états can be complicated affairs where many factions can be involved, therefore if you want to take over with ease and covert effectiveness, it pays to bring in seasoned mercenaries for those military operations.

Mercenaries have had a colourful history throughout the centuries. King Henry II hired foreign mercenaries to quash a domestic rebellion in the 12th century. The Italian ‘condottieri’ famously served various papal states in wars throughout the late Middle Ages. King George III hired German “Hessian” mercenaries to fight against the rebels in the American Revolution. Blackwater served the United States in its Iraq invasion. The Wagner Group has served in places like Africa, Syria and Ukraine only to have their leader dispatched by Putin when he became too big for his own shoes.


10 Advantages of Hiring Mercenaries in Military Operations

1. Cost-effectiveness: Mercenaries can be a more financially viable option compared to maintaining standing national armies, as they are typically hired for specific missions, saving costs on long-term military infrastructure

2. Specialized Skills and Expertise: Mercenaries often possess specialized military skills and experience that can be tailored to meet specific conflict situations, offering a high level of expertise in various combat scenarios.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability: They can swiftly adapt to changing situations and needs, being more flexible in their approach compared to traditional military forces, which may have rigid structures and protocols.

4. Reduced Political Ramifications: Mercenaries operating in foreign conflicts might be less politically sensitive, as they may not have allegiance to the conflicting parties, potentially reducing diplomatic repercussions.

5. Capability for Unpopular Tasks: Due to their detachment from local affiliations, mercenaries might be more willing to undertake controversial or unpopular missions that regular troops might be hesitant to carry out.

6. Quick Deployment: Mercenaries can be deployed rapidly, since they are not subject to the same bureaucratic processes and regulations that national armies often face.

7. Supplementary Support: They can supplement existing military forces during times of crisis or shortages, providing additional manpower and resources when needed.

8. Neutral Arbitration: Mercenaries, being detached from local politics and affiliations, might serve as neutral arbiters in conflicts, potentially aiding in peacekeeping and resolution efforts.

9. Training and Capacity Building: Some mercenary groups offer training programs to local forces, assisting in building and enhancing the capabilities of indigenous armies, as seen in instances like DynCorp training the Croatian military.

10. Operational Autonomy: Mercenaries often operate with a degree of autonomy, allowing for swift decision-making and agility in tactical situations without being bound by the bureaucracy or chain of command of regular military structures.

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