Ministers: SAS Could Be Sent in to Extricate Boris

LONDON - England - The SAS are on standby to extricate Boris Johnson from Downing Street.


Desperate parliamentarians are in contact with SAS commanders in Hereford who may send in the regiment to extricate Boris Johnson who is refusing to leave Number 10 Downing Street.

After 43 MPs resigned from government and Michael Gove just got sacked, things are getting desperate.

“It’s like the Iranian embassy siege in 1980. Maggie sent the SAS boys in to clean the place out. This time, it’s a bloody prime minister who has taken Number 10 hostage,” one senior MP revealed.

BoJo lost his mojo and now has barricaded himself in Number 10. Time for the Hereford lads to escort the deluded Boris from fantasy to reality.



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