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Tory Leadership Contest: Rishi Sunak Unveils His Campaign Anthem Song

SOLIHULL - England - Tory leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak was out on manoeuvres today to solidify his inevitable defeat by unveiling an apt song for his campaign.

Speaking in Solihull today, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak who is bidding to become the next PM unveiled his current favourite song for his campaign.

“After plunging many knives into the back of the PM Boris Johnson, and my attempt to catapult over his quivering corpse, I hereby announce the song that will follow me around like a parasitical leech for the entirety of my career.”

The other more likely candidate for the job of PM, Liz Truss, is currently speeding ahead of Fishy Rishi.

Here, we’ll give you a clue…the song was released in August 1972 by the Philadelphia soul group The O’Jays and reference knives in action on a particular part of the body.

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