One Thing Lockdown Shows: Many Politicians are Irrelevant

LONDON - England - The coronavirus lockdown has shown that many politicians in parliament are irrelevant and useless.

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The coronavirus lockdown has shown some interesting things that should be looked at in the future — politicians are mostly irrelevant.

The House of Lords, an unelected body of useless expense-account-grabbing creeps should be abolished as it holds little or no purpose.

95% of MPs in parliament are useless and not needed, and should be sacked.

The country can be run by a select few scientific technocrats and tech companies, with an obedient civil service underneath the bonnet. Much of Britain’s useless bureaucracy and red tape can be easily cut out by reducing the number of politicians drastically, and save the country from these idiots constantly drafting useless policy that no one needs.

The key word here should be efficiency, and with Britain’s huge army of useless politicians, and policymakers, too many cooks spoil the broth.

Britain in the future should look towards a scientifically led system where policy is determined by key experts who implement well-chosen efficient methods to circumnavigate every day problems.

The other key major point that should be looked at is the role of the Opposition party. During this coronavirus, we have seen that there is absolutely no need for them, and they in fact cloud issues further with their miniscule limited participation.