#MeToo Mob Ordered to Steer Clear of Creepy Joe Biden

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Creepy Joe Biden is being given the all clear by the politically biased #MeToo mob before the election in November.

joe biden's granddaughter
U.S. Presidential candidate passionately French kisses his granddaughter during a rally (Twitter)

The Democrat party created movement that champions mob rule, the #MeToo Soviet politically correct communist Feminazi group, have been ordered by their central command to stay away from serial fondler, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

#MeToo Double Standards

“Creepy Joe Biden is the Democrat choice to unseat Donald Trump, and we thank god for the coronavirus ruining the economy he was propping up for his re-election. I have ordered the #MeToo operation to hold off on the fondler and sniffer, Joe Biden, even though the guy gives me the creeps and whenever I see him, I feel a cold sweat creep up the back of my spine,” one #MeToo activist and prominent member of the Democrat party’s select committee revealed on Sunday.

Another Democrat representative revealed: “Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is in fact a very sick individual who should be getting treatment in an institution, but he’s all the Democrat Party has at the moment.”

Everything, of course, depends on how the coronavirus pandemic plays out in the coming months. America could be in the throes of mass civil disobedience as all order fails and the election is a distant memory.