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One Thing Lockdown Shows: Many Politicians are Irrelevant

LONDON - England - The coronavirus lockdown has shown that many politicians in parliament are irrelevant and useless.

Keith Vaz in Uphill Gardening Accident

LONDON - England - Labour MP and previous family man has been caught in an uphill gardening accident that seems to have derailed his career.

Why Committing Political Suicide Can Be Fun

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Donald Trump may commit political suicide on a daily basis, but he's not actually a politician so that's okay in his book.

House of Commons Spends £1,500 a WEEK to Control Politicians –...

LONDON - England - TAXPAYERS are forking out a staggering £1,500 a week on pest control for politicians, researchers and pundits in the House of Commons.

Study: Politicians Are Capable of Feeling Regret

LONDON - England - Politicians are capable of feeling regret about their own actions, an emotion that has never previously been found before with their kind, a new study claims.

Brain Scans Can Identify Politicians or Members of Ruling Elite Even...

LONDON - England - Brain scans can be used to identify children who may be potential politicians, new research has shown from a University College London study.

New Houses of Parliament Design Proposal Accepted

LONDON - England - The Houses of Parliament are set for an architectural revamp by up-and-coming architect Gandolpho Huhne.

Lying Politician Caught

LONDON - England - It is a very rare occurrence, but sometimes it does happen. Justice could finally be served up to a lying politician, however, the slippery bastard could still get away if he has his way.

Cameron: "Rioting Teens Should Have Morals of Politicians"

LONDON - England - The Prime Minister, today, reiterated the point that Britain's youth should look to politicians as models of high moral behaviour.

MPs Could Be Hanged For Expenses Fraud

LONDON - England - Soon there could be a joyful sight over the neo-Gothic edifice of the Houses of Parliament with the swinging lifeless bodies of MPs swaying in the breeze.

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