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Corrupt Politicians Investigating Corrupt Media Investigating Corrupt Police

LONDON - England - Corrupt MPs have called in corrupt News International journalists and managers for a full investigation of police corruption, media corruption and parliamentary corruption.

MP Admits Not Fiddling Expenses

LONDON - England - Herman Phuckah today became the first sitting MP to admit to not committing expenses fraud when he admitted refusing to claim more than £65,000.

Fury as Furious Politicians Spit Fury at Furious Voters

LONDON - England - There was fury at a rally in Parliament square yesterday as furious crowds of furious protesters reacted furiously to furious Coalition politicians attending a march that sparked off a lot of fury.

It Beggars Belief: How the Fake Politicians are Raking in More...

WESTMINSTER - England - Their apparently pitiful existence and pleas for money attract the generosity of many taxpayers. But some politicians are making the equivalent of a £200,000-a-year salary, police have revealed.

MPs Ordered to Wear ‘For Hire’ Signs on Shoulders During All...

LONDON - England - New directives for Dis-honourable Members of Parliament are to be implemented after the general election says a new parliamentary disciplinary body.

MP Arrested After Stealing From Blind Beggar

LONDON - England - A prominent member of parliament has been arrested today at Euston train station after stealing a blind beggar's money, a Met spokesman has revealed.

Dishonourable Members of Government Want Increase in Taxation to Fund More...

LONDON - England - The Labour government is calling for an increase in taxation so that MPs' expenses can be bumped up even further.

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