MP Arrested After Stealing From Blind Beggar

LONDON - England - A prominent member of parliament has been arrested today at Euston train station after stealing a blind beggar's money, a Met spokesman has revealed.




A Labour MP was seen by several witnesses today at about lunchtime, stealing money from a blind beggar’s collection tin inside the Euston station terminal.

Witnesses who saw the blatant daylight robbery alerted security officers in the station and the Labour MP was promptly body searched then arrested.

This latest revelation does not surprise many who already view members of parliament with utter disdain and mistrust.

“After viewing the CCTV footage, we saw the thief come off a train. He then walked up to the blind gentleman who was sitting on the floor with a sign in front of him asking for money so he could eat some food. The MP looked around for a second then swooped down on the blind beggars
collection tin and took out some of the money,” Special Constable Chris. P. Bacun, told the Evening Standard newspaper.

According to Euston’s security team, the MP stole approximately 67p and a 10 cent euro coin from the blind man, who was later compensated in full. The MP was remanded in custody at Holloway Prison and denied bail until a hearing at Snaresbrook Crown Court on June 12th.